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1) RIGHT TO HUNT AND FISH - for or against protecting the right of the people to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife.

2) INCOME TAX CAP – 7% - For or Against-Reduce income tax rate to MAX 7%.

3) VICTIMS’ RIGHTS - For or Against- Strengthen protections for victims of crime to establish certain absolute basic rights for victims and ensure enforcement.

4) JUDICIAL MERIT FOR FILLING JUDGE VACANCY-For or Against- Implement non-partisan merit-based system that relies on professional qualifications instead of political influence when nominating Justices and judges to fill vacancies that occur between elections.

5) BIPARTISAN ELECTIONS AND ETHICS BOARD AND APPOINTMENT CONTROL- For or Against- Board of Ethics and Elections to administer ethics and election laws, clarify appointment authority of Legislature and Judicial Branches. Prevent Legislative member to serve on boards with executive or judicial authority.

6) VOTER ID- For or Against – Constitutional Amendment to require voters to provide photo ID before voting in person.