I'm Rena Turner, a candidate for the North Carolina House of Representatives in District 84. I was born and raised in Iredell County on a family farm – a small business. I know the value of hard work and arriving at wise decisions after evaluating resources and priorities. My experience as Clerk of Superior Court has helped me understand how government works. I know how important good management skills are. It is important that our government be more efficient and learn to do more with less. My first priority will be to put North Carolina back on a sound economic path – not by growing government but by bringing business to North Carolina and encouraging real job growth. North Carolina must have competent and trustworthy leaders who will establish a climate where businesses will want to locate and be able to grow. A great part of accomplishing this will be to initiate comprehensive tax reform that can better address today's tax base and not hinder economic growth. I look forward to serving you as that kind of leader in the North Carolina House of Representatives. Thank you.

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