I'm Rena Turner, a candidate for the North Carolina House of Representatives in District 84. I was born and raised in Iredell County on a family farm – a small business. I know the value of hard work and arriving at wise decisions after evaluating resources and priorities. My experience as Clerk of Superior Court has helped me understand how government works. I know how important good management skills are. It is important that our government be more efficient and learn to do more with less. My first priority will be to put North Carolina back on a sound economic path – not by growing government but by bringing business to North Carolina and encouraging real job growth. North Carolina must have competent and trustworthy leaders who will establish a climate where businesses will want to locate and be able to grow. A great part of accomplishing this will be to initiate comprehensive tax reform that can better address today's tax base and not hinder economic growth. I look forward to serving you as that kind of leader in the North Carolina House of Representatives. Thank you.


I have always taken my public service seriously and I think now, more than ever, we need consistent conservative leadership in Raleigh and in the Republican Party. I was raised on a farm and I’m still very much a part of our farming community here in Iredell County. I learned early in life that you have to live within your means and that life is sometimes simply not fair. When I look at our state and national government, it is clear that many have not learned to live within their means. Fortunately for all of us, North Carolina took a step in the right direction In 2010 we reelected Senator Burr and Congresswoman Foxx as well as electing Republican majorities in both the state House and Senate. The current legislative leadership has shown great skill in handling Governor Perdue’s consistent quest for more spending and more government. But we also have to be honest with ourselves as it relates to the future. In the past, Republicans have been part of the problem. Nationally, we abandoned our fiscal conservative values and replaced them with a quest for more power and more government programs. Now, our state and our nation stand at a crossroads. Do we live up to true conservative values and advocate for greater personal responsibility and create a leaner government that lives within its’ means, or do we tell the voters what they want to hear and hope that once again that they fall for the slick campaign ads. For me, my candidacy is about having an honest discussion with the voters. I do not believe we have to raise taxes in order to solve our problems. We have to restore responsibility and accountability to government at all levels. I believe we must simply learn to live within our means. Secondly, we need comprehensive tax reform in North Carolina. Currently, our tax structure encourages many of our citizens to retire in other locations outside of North Carolina because of our tax code. It is time to change the tax code to make North Carolina an even more attractive state for successful people to retire and stay. But most importantly, we will only solve our economic problems by empowering businesses not government to create jobs. The last Republican to serve as Governor of North Carolina was an Iredell County resident, Governor Jim Martin. Governor Martin always said the best incentive for business was to be a state that offered the best environment to do business. We need to end the special deals and competition with other states by simply making our tax codes and regulatory policies the most business friendly in the country. In closing, I said earlier that life is sometimes not fair. Well, in the tough times and the times that don’t seem fair, my mother and father taught me to look to God for guidance and direction. That's where our real answers can be found. All too often, I feel like we are loosing that guidance in our country and the solution now is to blame someone else for the tough times. Blaming others will solve no problems; it will only lead to bigger problems down the road. This year, we have the opportunity to finish what we started in 2010 by electing a Republican Governor, by keeping a Republican majority in the State House and by bringing consistent conservative leadership from Iredell County to Raleigh. Thank you and I would appreciate your support in my campaign.


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